Very bright Bideford Fireball with Explosions

Fireball date: 10 November 2018 at 05:07:02 UT

Fireball ID: M20181110_050702

Many UKMON cameras recorded yet another November fireball and this one is quite something. From initial video and picture examination we can see two large explosions at the beginning and and the end with two smaller explosions in the middle. Initial quick brightness estimation suggests -9.0 magnitude which puts the fireball into bolide category and orbit estimation suggests Taurid shower complex again.


 M20181110_050702 fireball from Bideford Camera

Loughborough SW

M20181110_050702 fireball from Loughborough SW Camera

Chard Observatory

M20181110_050702 fireball from Chard Observatory Camera

Richard Bassom

M20181110_050702 fireball from Richard Bassom

Wilcot W

M20181110_050702 fireball from Wilcot W Camera

Clanfield NW

M20181110_050702 fireball from Clanfield NW Camera

Ground Map

Based on Q1 quality filtration estimated ground maps paired from two matches

Loughborough and Chard match

Ground Map of M20181103_031639 fireball

Loughborough and Clanfield match

Ground Map of M20181103_031639 fireball


Orbit of M20181103_031639 fireball


Estimated absolute magnitude of this fireball was -6.4. Recorded by many UKMON cameras we see series of two large and two smaller explosions. Fireball M20181110_050702 is classified as a J8_FTA (omega Taurid) and entered Eath’s atmosphere at speed of 26.6km/s. Beginning of ablation occurred at height of 106.7km and ended at 51.6km above the ground. Meteor covered ground distance of 96.5km.