UK Meteor Observation Network

Map of all of our 30+ permanently set up UKMON stations covering skies over United Kingdom

United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network

UKMON recorded meteor coverage map

Map of our 30+ permanently set up and active UKMON stations covering skies over United Kingdom

Image above is showing calculated (yellow) meteor trails of
22,700 orbits from 141,313 single meteor recordings over United Kingdom since 2012.

Ash Vale 3 cameras


First UKMON camera operational from April 2012. Second camera became operational in April 2013. Third in July 2014

Church Crookham 2 cameras


Second UKMON camera that started recording in August 2012

Clanfield 3 cameras


Hampshire Astronomy Group joined UKMON in August 2012

Scotch Street3 cameras

N. Ireland

Steve H. joined UKMON in Northern Ireland in July 2013

Norman Lockyer Observatory2 cameras


Norman Lockyer Observatory and S.P.A.M. group

Wilcot8 cameras


Richard F. and Newbury Astronomical Society has joined UKMON with his two cameras in July 2013

Cardiff 2 cameras


Cardiff Astronomical Society joined UKMON in November 2013 with two cameras

Exeter Observatory 2 camera


John M. has is now operating two cameras in Exeter at his observatory

Blackfield 1 camera


Chris Curtis is setting up new camera in Blackfield near Southampton

Natural History Museum camera


Natural History Museum joined UKMON with first camera in London and second in Tring.

East Barnet3 cameras


Jim Rowe joined UKMON with cameras pointing NE and NW in May 2016, and in late 2016 added an all-sky camera.

DL1 1 camera

Dublin, Ireland

Graham Roche is contributing data to UKMON archive from his camera in Ireland

William Perkin 1 camera


Young scientists at William Perkin C of E High School are operating their camera from Ealing, West London

Chard Observatory1 camera


Davee Jones's camera adding a Northerly view in Somerset

Tackley camera1 camera


Mark McIntyre has joined UKMON with newly set up camera in Tackley near Oxford.

Loscoe 1 camera


Our most Northerly placed camera is run by Chris Dakin. Commisioned in January 2018

Selsey 1 camera

West Sussex

Pete Lawrence joins UKMON with his camera in Selsey in August 2018

Loughborough 1 camera


Derek Robson joins UKMON with his camera in Loughborough in June 2018

Bideford 1 camera


Richard Payne joins UKMON with his camera commisioned in November 2018

Rochdale 1 camera

Greater Manchester

Keith Barker joins UKMON with his camera commisioned in November 2018

Aberdeen 1 camera


Gareth Brown. Joins UKMON with the northernmost camera in the network

Birmingham Astronomical Society 1 camera

West Midlands

Birmingham Astronomical Society joins UKMON with a camera commisioned in April 2019

Wirral 1 camera


Dave Roper joins UKMON with his camera commisioned in February 2019

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