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Image of a fireball meteor Image of a fireball meteor

What is a fireball meteor?

A fireball meteor is a particularly bright meteoroid that graces our skies, outshining even the brilliance of Venus with a magnitude exceeding -4. These luminous meteors vary in speed and can exhibit an array of colors, adding an extra layer of awe to their spectacle. Throughout the year, these bright fireball meteors often culminating in small explosions.

Bolide class fireball meteor

What is a bolide meteor?

In comparison to a fireball, a bolide is even more luminous, surpassing the brightness of a fireball, which, in turn, is brighter than a typical meteor. I understand, it might sound complex, but I'll simplify it for you. Bolide fireball meteors belong to the heavyweight class of fireballs, shining brighter than the moon and capable of casting shadows. With bolide fireballs, it's also common to observe a large terminal explosion and witness fragmentation. These events occur surprisingly frequently, perhaps only once every year or two.


Why we need your reports

Meteor detection cameras in the UK don't cover 100% of the sky, and sometimes important fireball events are missed. The public reports help the science tremendously.


How we handle the data

All your data is sent to the International Meteor Organisation. We do not handle or keep any of your information.

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