United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network

Network of detection cameras watching and recording meteors over United Kingdom

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What is UKMON

UKMON is a group of like-minded astronomers sharing a fascination with meteors. Together we operate a network of meteor detection cameras that monitor the night sky continually and recording any meteor activity. Since it was set up in 2012 our network has grown to 29 cameras and is still growing.

Capturing meteors

As meteors streak across the sky our cameras detect their motion and record video clips capturing these spectacular event. The video clips are then analysed and from these we can determine basic information about the meteor. The magic happens when a meteor is recorded from different locations; by triangulation we can calculate altitudes, velocities, and even the orbit of the meteoroid around the sun before it encountered our atmosphere.


UKMON is all about teamwork and sharing data. We collaborate with similar groups internationally and as far away as Brazil. Closer to home, we have partnered with the Natural History Museum. We also work with radio astronomers. UKMON welcomes everyone equally, even if you don't have a camera.

Why we do it?

There are lots of reasons but primarily we are all passionate about astronomy and the night sky. Our data is making a valuable contribution to the understanding of meteors and the solar system and in this respect we are all Citizen Scientists.

But let's not also forget that it's FUN too! Checking what your camera captured overnight is the astronomy equivalent to fishing and there is real excitement when you discover that you captured a bright fireball.

Join us

Everyone is welcome, whether you are an amateur astronomer, professional scientist or just interested in observing meteors. You don't even need a camera to join in.


See our UKMON website, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Github. Or if you want to get your own camera we an help you on your journey, just email us.

Latest fireballs

Saturday night's spectacular meteor over Lincolnshire

Station: Ash Vale, East Barnet, Loscoe, Loughborough, Tackley, Wilcot

Belgian Fireball

Station: Blackfield

Very bright Bideford Fireball with Explosions


Second November fireball from 2 cameras

Station: Church Crookham and Wilcot SW