Latest news on what's happening with UKMON meteor network

Perseids 2017 from Wilcot

Perseid meteor shower 2017 as seen from our Wilcot camera.

15 August 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek, Richard Fleet

Get ready for the 2017 Perseids

The Perseids is perhaps the most well-known of all the meteor showers

28 July 2017

Author: Peter Campbell-Burns

Top 5 meteor showers by UKMON

UK Meteor Observation network has been collecting data for more than five years and gathered a good amount of data for numerous meteor showers.

20 July 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek

UKMON Meteor Archive June 2017 update

Data archive update now brings UKMON total to 127,419 single meteors and 67,368 orbits

08 June 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek

KDM-6101G Camera Review

KDM-6101G camera uses tried and tested Sony Effio 1/3” chip and is a worthy replacement of older types

29 May 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek & Peter Campbell-Burns

Sprites Galore

Friday 27th May 2017 a large storm rapidly formed over Devon and Cornwall. Wilcot camera detected a record 23 sprites in a single night

28 May 2017

Author: Richard Fleet

Possible Tau Herculids activity, 30 June

This year radiant is most favourable for observers in South and Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and most of Asia, but we will be looking out regardless

28 May 2017

Author: Peter Campbell-Burns

Eta Aquariids shower is now active

The Eta Aquariids is currently active (April 19th to May 26th) but rates will be very low until the week surrounding the night or maximum activity (5th May)

28 April 2017

Author: Peter Campbell-Burns

First Fripon camera in the UK

French Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network reaches UK and UKMON joins the effort

17 April 2017

Author: Jim Rowe

Get ready for 2017 Lyrid meteor shower

Annual Lyrid meteor shower is active from 16 to 25 April 2017 with the peak time on the morning of 22 April. With no interference by the Moon we should be able to see around 20 meteors per hour.

07 April 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek

UKMON celebrates 5 years!

The UK Meteor Observation Network is celebrating 5 year anniversary since it recorded the first meteor

06 April 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek & Peter Campbell-Burns

First look at 2017 Quadrantids

UK Meteor Observation network recorded 337 Quadrantid meteors during 2017 peak.

03 April 2017

Author: Richard Kacerek

Stream Identification, Orbit Dissimilarity and D-Criterion

One of most basic things we look to discover when we record a meteor is whether it is a stream meteor, and if so, which stream

28 March 2017

Author: Peter Campbell-Burns

UKMON Launches New Website

UKMON is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Radically different and very exciting website is now server-less on Amazon Web Services architecture

23 March 2017

Author: Peter Campbell-Burns

William Perkin School joins UKMON

UKMON is working with the William Perkin School to encourage the next generation of meteor observers

11 November 2016

Author: Peter Campbell-Burns

UKMON Summary, July 2016 by Steve Bosley

Steve Bosley prepared mid-2016 report of UKMON activity and interesting events captured by the network

15 July 2016

Author: Steve Bosley

Composite images of 2015 Perseid meteor shower

14 October 2015

Author: Richard Kacerek

Chi Cygnids

New meteor shower Chi Cygnids has been announced, given IAU number 757

20 September 2015

Author: Chris Curtis

3 Sprites on 12 August 2015

On 12 August 2015 Perseid Meteor shower was about to peak and across the channel a storm was brewing

15 August 2015

Author: Richard Kacerek

Interesting fireballs in EDMOND database in 2014 – part 2

Let’s take a peek at some more interesting bolides from the EDMOND network database

02 March 2015

Author: Jakub Koukal

Interesting fireballs in EDMOND database in 2014 – part 1

With the continued growth of meteor detection networks across Europe and increased coverage of the sky many more bright fireballs or even “bolides” are being recorded

21 January 2015

Author: Jakub Koukal