Equipment - Camera

SonotaCo UFO Detect software supports a range of analog and affordable CCTV cameras.

The type of camera required for video meteor observation is a video camera producing a composite video output. The cameras are similar to standard CCTV cameras and are relatively low resolution. High resolution recording is possible and will produce media-quality images but you will find the equipment costs to be far greater and you will need a more powerful PC to cope with the data stream. One of the most widely used cameras is the Watec 902 which is available with 1/2” and 1/3” format sensors and a resolution of 752 x 582.

Watec CCTV camera

There are other video cameras that work just as well and which are available for a fraction of the cost. A new Watec 902 will cost around £280 whereas UKMON has sourced factory-modified video cameras (IR filters removed) for around £70. Granted, the Watec can deliver more visually appealing images but you will find that some budget cameras are capable deliver meteor data of equal quality.

The KDM-6101G which UKMON has sourced directly from an overseas manufacturer is used by an increasing number of UKMON members. This camera has a 1/3” sensor with standard 700TVL (752 x 582 resolution in UFO Capture). It is physically larger than the Watec and may need a larger enclosure!

KDM-6101G CCTV camera

Once you have installed your camera in its enclosure, its onboard controller will need to be configured. Guidance for setting up these cameras is available on our website: