2021 Ursids

Peaks: 21-22 December

For die-hard fans, just before Christmas (see what I did there), we have a much smaller meteor shower than Geminids last week. Ursid meteor shower produces only about 5-10 meteors per hour, and under 93% full moon, this meteor shower will be quite a challenge.


17-26 December

Observing conditions
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Ursid meteor shower is the last of the year, and especially this year, conditions are challenging. If you are up to the challenge, the best conditions are just before dawn.

There is one dust trail passage calculated for 2021 December 22, 06h47m UT (λ⊙ = 270◦.33) with a ZHR of 27. This is close to the numbers given for the 2009/10/13/15 returns (Jenniskens, 2006).

The parent comet 8P/Tuttle passed its perihelion on 2021 August 28.

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