2021 North Taurids

Peaks: 12 November

North Taurid meteor shower branch also produces slow-moving meteors with some spectacular fireballs. Great opportunity for DSLR camera photographers to find a dark sky spot and show us some fantastic fireball pictures.


20 October to 10 December

Observing conditions
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A month later, after the South Taurid branch peaked, the Earth is passing through secondary debris stream after the same comet 2P/Encke.

Both shower streams have a plateau-like peak. Don't expect a sharp rise in meteors like with other meteor showers.

The Earth passes through Taurid shower streams. Because they are spread out and thin, we have an extremely long shower activity: the South Taurids (10 September - 20 November) and the North Taurids (20 October – 10 December).

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Upcoming meteor showers:

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