2021 Geminids

Peaks: 13/14 December

Geminids never fail to provide a splendid stream of bright, medium-speed meteors in the Northern Hemisphere. Hampered by the Moonlight, we should still see sometimes brightly coloured meteors.


December 4–17

Observing conditions
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Meteor showers are caused by debris from a comet. Geminids are not. 3200 Phaethon asteroid is the cause of Geminid meteor shower and asteroid 2003 EH1 of the Quadrantid meteor shower in January.

This year conditions are not ideal. Waxing Gibbous Moon (4 days till full phase) will interfere for much of the night. The most significant number of meteors fall between midnight and 2 am.

Observers in the UK should be treated to good numbers of meteors. Even though the Moonlight, we should expect to see the brighter Geminids, often intensely coloured.

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Upcoming meteor showers:

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