2021 Leonids

Peaks: 17-18 November

This year Leonid meteor shower will be heavily impaired by a full Moon glare, washing out usually fast meteors with persistent trails. Leonids ordinarily pick up steam after midnight and display the greatest meteor numbers just before dawn.


5-29 November

Observing conditions
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Every 33 years or so, the Earth seems to be passing through a denser part of the dust stream left after comet Tempel-Tuttle. This is the time when Lion wakes up and roars. Like the outburst of Draconids, Leonids also produce meteor storm events - the biggest in recorded history.

Indeed, on that beautiful night in 1966, the meteors did, briefly, fall like rain. Some who witnessed the 1966 Leonid meteor storm said they felt as if they needed to grip the ground, so strong was the impression of Earth ploughing along through space.

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