## [1] "Dataset: ALL period 2018-01-01 to 2018-10-01"

Summary of activity

In 2018 a total of 23 cameras contributed data to the UKMON repository. Together, these cameras recorded 20829 individual meteor observations. The number of recorded observations by station is as follows:

After applying quality criteria we found that 3171 meteors were observed by more than one camera (Unified observations). The following shows a count of the number of meters observed by two, three, etc. cameras.

The number of unified observations as a percentage of individual observations is 15.2%. A breakdown of unified observation counts by stream (top ten) is as follows:

Fireball activity

A total of 7 fireballs were observed in the reporting period (’r SelectYr`). A breakdown by months and by shower is shown below.

The top 10 brightest fireballs were:

Datetime Magnitude Stream Station matches
2018-09-29 21:40:36 -5.000000 SPO 2
2018-01-06 03:09:17 -4.666667 SPO 3
2018-02-26 20:07:29 -4.566667 SPO 3
2018-08-08 01:00:12 -4.566667 PER 3
2018-01-25 03:20:24 -4.200000 SPO 2
2018-08-09 22:12:44 -4.200000 KCG 2
2018-08-11 01:30:10 -4.150000 SPO 2

Velocity distribution

The following graphs show the distribution of velocities:


The following graphs show the distribution of magnitudes:

The following plots shows the altitude of the atart and end of ablation for each individual meteor. The plot is in order of decreasing start height and gives a good visualisation of the depth of the ablation zone. Where in the atmosphere ablation occurs will depend on factors such as meteor velocity and composition.

The maximum observed altitude was 192.3 km and the minimum observed altitude was 18.0 km. The distribution of distances travelled through the ablation zone was as follows:

Other Data of Interest

Data matching

The following table shows the camera pairings that are producing the highest number of unified observations.

Station_1 Station_2 Paired_Observations
Wilcot_SW Lockyer2_L2 1535
Wilcot_SE Ash_Vale_K3 1480
Wilcot_E Clanfield_NE 1447
Wilcot_N Clanfield_NW 1341
Wilcot_SE Ash_Vale_K1 1147
Wilcot_NE Ash_Vale_K2 1081
Wilcot_E Ash_Vale_K2 786
Wilcot_SE Clanfield_SE 765
Clanfield_SO Ash_Vale_K1 751
Wilcot_E Horley_SE 704
Clanfield_NO Church_Cro_S1 638
Lockyer2_L2 Church_Cro_S1 573
Wilcot_SE Lockyer2_L2 573
Clanfield_NW Church_Cro_S1 557
Horley_SE Ash_Vale_K1 502
Lockyer2_L2 Clanfield_NO 491
Clanfield_NE Ash_Vale_K2 485
Lockyer2_L2 Ash_Vale_K3 480
Wilcot_N Church_Cro_S1 426
Lockyer1_L1 Church_Cro_S1 407

Data Quality Indicators

The following plot shows the average linearity error in the processing of data: