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Richard Kacerek
23 November 2017

Richard writes SEO optimised website copy for Sirius Copywriting company, and as a hobby, he founded UKMON in 2012.

Addition of 4 new cameras brings total of 26 active cameras over the United Kingdom

Expansion of our network is natural. Meteor astronomy is a hobby and by the look of it a popular one too. Adding four more cameras to our network is going to massively improve quality of our data archive as four, five or even six station matches are going to be a new normal. With the English weather, this doubling on station cameras is an excellent way to match even with our fast-changing and unpredictable weather.

Let’s have a look at our plans in more detail.

New camera in Blackfield

Chris Curtis has run Horley station camera for some time. Newly set up camera in Blackfield near Southampton will benefit much darker sky and fewer planes. We have concluded two possible options for Chris’s camera:

Blackfield South West proposal

In this direction, you would have good matches with mine Ash Vale K3 and a very good match with Wilcot station.

Blackfield South East proposal

This direction would be perhaps better regarding matches. Partial match with both Ash Vale south cams, good match with Clanfield and nearly perfect match with Wilcot.

New camera in Tackley

Mark McIntyre joined UKMON just recently with newly set up camera in Tackley near Oxford. We have set up this camera field of view as follows:

Really good partial match with Chard Observatory station.

Again very good match with East Barnet station

And yet again very good match with Wilcot station

Expansion in Exeter

John Maclean has been working with UKMON for a few years now and it’s time to add another camera to his Exeter station. We planed two possible scenarios, generally in South or South West direction:

Second camera in Church Crookham

UKMON co-founder Peter Campbell-Burns promised to add the second camera to his Surrey station in Church Crookham. Detailed possible matches are to be analysed, but South facing direction would provide even more matches and adding density to our network.

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