Perseids 2017 from Wilcot

Richard Fleet
15 August 2017

Richard Fleet sent us pictures from his Wilcot based camera

And they are spectacular! Perseid meteor shower is usually very strong shower producing good numbers of fireballs and this time it was no exception.

Most of our South based cameras were clouded out just after midnight but Wilcot managed to monitor the shower throughout the night.

Image composites

First let’s take a look at composites. We combined all recorded meter images into one composite, to give you a better overview of the shower. That’s a lot of meteors!


Wilcot cameras recorded also few large meteors, possibly fireballs by the first look. We will be analysing all Perseid data over the next few weeks and will report in detail on any fireballs.

DSLR camera

Richard Fleet had also a DSLR camera running for the duration of the night, capturing some really impressive meteors.

Radio Response

And to complete the data set, Richard gathered radio response from Graves. Here are some examples of bright ones.

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