Observing meteors with Raspberry Pi

UK wide network of meteor detection cameras running open-source software on Raspberry Pi

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Small but mighty

There are 153 cameras in the UK. Detecting meteors on the night sky each night and together gathering valuable scientific data to help us understand the solar system.

In 2021 alone UKMON cameras recorded and matched 87,239 meteors contributing 27,173 orbital trajectories to the global archive.

UKMON archive

What is RMS

Raspberry Pi Meteor Station (RMS)

Standardised and affordable hardware powered by open-source software on Raspberry Pi computer running on Linux. RMS software is written in Python and automatically processes the data each morning.

UK Meteor Network

What is GMN

Global Meteor Network (GMN)

Coordinating global efforts by citizen scientists and gathering data to a centralised and open archive. There are now more than 300 stations in 22 countries around the world.

UK Meteor Network

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UKMON team is providing a series of services freely available to the public.

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