Fireball from 19 October 2014

19 October 2014

We were alerted by public about fireball that happened on 19 October 2014 at 19:13:25 UT (20:13:25 BST) and received 10+ reports.

First confirmation came from our own Horley station operated by Chris where beginning of the event was indeed recorded (bottom left).

Fireball from 19 October 2014 from Horley camera

Then we received further confirmation from Oostkapelle video-allsky camera based in Holland, notice small image with meteor trail 6 minutes later.

Fireball from 19 October 2014 from Oostkapelle video-allsky camera

20141019 191325 Oostkapelle video-allsky from Cyclops Observatory on Vimeo.

And also recorded by Bayfordbury AllSky Camera

Fireball from 19 October 2014 from Bayfordbury AllSky Camera


Clive Sheppard sent us this great recording from his card dashboard driving in Wimbotsham, Norfolk

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