November meteor/fireball from 6 cameras

Fireball date: 1 November 2018 at 20:10:08 UT

Fireball ID: M20181101_201008

Six UKMON cameras recorded a bright meteor/fireball first reported to us by members of the public. We have received 30+ reports. Unfortunately, we only have partial trail and it will be challenging to estimate trajectory accurately. We will update this article as we gather results.


M20181101_201008 fireball from Exeter NE Camera

Church Crookham

M20181101_201008 fireball from Church Crookham Camera

Wilcot SW

M20181101_201008 fireball from Wilcot SW Camera

Wilcot W

M20181101_201008 fireball from Wilcot W Camera


M20181101_201008 fireball from Loscoe Camera

Loughborough SW

M20181101_201008 fireball from Loughborough SW Camera

Ground Map

Quality of this data is inconsistent and we only have a partial captures on most cameras we need to lower error requirements to display captures on the ground map. Exeter has the beginning and Church Crookham has the end. Camera in Loughborough has the whole trail.

Ground Map of M20181101_201008 fireball


Somewhat atypical orbit of closer to Mars rather then the usual expected asteroid belt is a region of space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Orbit of M20181101_201008 fireball


Unified data then estimated apparent magnitude of this fireball was just -3.4. Fireball M20181101_201008 is classified as a STA (South. Taurids complex) and entered Eath’s atmosphere at speed of 32.8km/s. Beginning of ablation occurred at height of 107.5km and ended at 81.1km above the ground. Meteor covered ground distance of 61.3km.