First fireball for Chard Observatory

Fireball date: 31 July 2017 at 02:43:35 UT

Fireball ID: M20170731_024335

First reported by Dave from Chard Observatory a spectacular fireball over Wales on 31 July 2017 at 02:43:35 UT.

Usually, members of the public are good at spotting meteors in the UK, but this time we have received only a few sighting reports.

Chard Observatory

M20170731_024335 meteor from Chard

East Barnet

Jim Rowe quickly notified us about his matching capture.

M20170731_024335 meteor from East Barnet

2 cameras from Wilcot

Richard Fleet and his 360 degrees coverage means no fireball passes by his cameras. Captured by North and North-West cameras.

M20170731_024335 meteor from Wilcot

M20170731_024335 meteor from Wilcot

2 cameras from Scotch Street

Camera based in Northern Ireland also captured this fireball at a great distance.

M20170731_024335 meteor from Scotch Street

M20170731_024335 meteor from Scotch Street


Additionally we have found a match from Clanfield camera.

M20170731_024335 meteor from Clanfield

Church Crookham

Additionally we have found a match from Church Crookham camera.

M20170731_024335 meteor from Church Crookham

Richard Bassom

Richard has been sending us lovely images of his captured meteors for some time now, and this time there is no exception. Another excellent capture.

M20170731_024335 meteor from Richard Bassom


Fireball is classified as Sporadic, not associated with any known meteor shower. A relatively fast, at 52km/s with absolute magnitude calculated as -5.7 and terminal altitude 75km, only covering a distance of 53km.

M20170731_024335 ground map

M20170731_024335 meteor orbit