Fireball reported by public

Fireball date: 1 June 2017 at around 23:50

Fireball ID: M20170601_223839

Evening 1 June 2017 at 23:40 - 23:50 saw the usual ISS pass over the UK. A very popular event among general public and amateur astronomers.

But something else was spotted too. That evening we have started receiving fireball reports just minutes after midnight. It appears to be very bright meteor/fireball, lasting few seconds and been spotted from Nottingham to Guernsey but as far as French Lorient and Rennes.

Usually our cameras have good coverage Southern half of the UK but this time we have’t found a match just yet.

International Meteor Organization (IMO) has been collecting all public reports and this event was marked as 1808-2017 and so far received over 50 reports. Unusually high number for meteor reports.

1 June 2017 fireball reports by public

1 June 2017 fireball reports by public

SEE IMO 1808-2017 EVENT


After a detailed search Wilcot station got a match, as reported by Richard Fleet.

1 June 2017 fireball match from Wilcot

And a rough direction of the event

1 June 2017 fireball direction



Dawlish Beach camera

Great article describing the event at Dawlish Beach: This is not the moon! so just what are you looking at?

NLO SkyCam

The flash at the bottom of the image was captured by the NLO all-sky cam operated by Steve Boyce.

1 June 2017 fireball direction