eta Aquarid fireball 7 May 2013

07 May 2013

This is a - 4.6 mag. fireball meteor recorded from two UKMON stations, Clanfield South and Ash Vale South.

Very long and very fast with 67.01 km/s velocity. The meteor started burning in 118 km above the ground and stopped at 98 km. Covering quite a distance of 165 km across the Channel.

Image from Ash Vale:

Image of M20130507_021735 fireball from Ash Vale

Image from Clanfield South:

Image of M20130507_021735 fireball from Clanfield South

and a ground map:

M20130507_021735 fireball ground map


Norman Lockyer observatory kindly supplied radio images of this fireball:

Fireball M20130507_021735 radio image

Fireball M20130507_021735 radio image

Wilcot SW station

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