Second November fireball from 2 cameras

Fireball date: 3 November 2018 at 03:16:39 UT

Fireball ID: M20181103_031639

Another large fireball recorded by UKMON cameras just two days after.

Church Crookham

 M20181103_031639 fireball from Church Crookham Camera

Wilcot SW

M20181103_031639 fireball from Wilcot SW Camera

Ground Map

Ground Map of M20181103_031639 fireball


Orbit of M20181103_031639 fireball


Estimated magnitude of this fireball was just -4.2, barely making it to fireball category. Observed through the clouds from Wilcot camera we could recognise perhaps two smaller explosions. Fireball M20181103_031639 is classified as a SPO (Sporadic type, not associated with any known meteor shower) and entered Eath’s atmosphere at speed of 28.4km/s. Beginning of ablation occurred at height of 94.1km and ended at 40.1km above the ground. Meteor covered ground distance of 67km.