Large fireball on 26 April 2015

Fireball date: 26 April 2015 at 21:10:13 UT

Fireball ID: M20150426_211013

We have received over 60 public reports about a fireball spotted on 26 April 2015 at 22:10PM. First image is from Graham Roche and it looks like a very large fireball, could be around -10 magnitude or even brighter.


Credit: Graham Roche, Dublin, Ireland

Another images are from our Steve Hooks from Northern Ireland (UKMON Scotch Street station C3)


Graham’ Youtube Video:

And Vimeo:


Beginning of fireball captured by another Scotch Street camera and also Richard Fleet (UKMON Wilcot station) has captured this fireball over 450 km away.


Richard’s Video:

Big thanks to American Meteor Society and International Meteor Organization we have projected ground map from all public reports.

meteor 26 april 2015


Cooperating with our colleagues from other European networks we managed to get some rough calculations done, although with some level of inaccuracy we came to interesting conclusions:

  • Initial velocity was very low, just 8.3 km/s
  • Initial height 78 km
  • Terminal height 31-32 km!
  • Very steep entry angle
  • The explosion was estimated at around -12 magnitude
  • If anything has survived the final explosion it would not be more than 30-50 grams at most

And we have a ground map:

Fireball 26 April 2015 22:10 observed ground map

Orbit elements are:  a = 2.442 AU, q = 1.004 AU, e = 0.588, i = 3.818°, peri = 5.317°, node = 216.104°

Fireball 26 April 2015 22:10 orbit data

And finally projected to Google Earth:

Fireball 26 April 2015 22:10 Google Earth projected to Google Earth

If you would like to see yourself here is the KML file free to download.

Fireball 26 April 2015 22:10 Google Earth KML file