Set yourself a fitness challenge

Achieve your fitness goals, lose weight, be more active and reward yourself with a glow in the dark medal.


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Fireball challenge medal
Glows in the dark!
Set yourself any
distance based challenge

We know how hard it can be to get yourself motivated. That's why we want to motivate you and help you achieve your fitness goals with our fireball challenge medal.

You may have seen a fireball in the sky and now you can own the fireball challenge medal that glows in the dark.

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    Glows in the dark- one of a kind medal
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    FREE shipping- you don't pay for postage
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    Limited number- only 200 medals available
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    UK only- orders available only in the UK

Show off your medal


Chris' running challenge

Chris wanted to improve his fitness, so he set himself a running challenge. We are happy that he achieved his goal and liked his medal too.


Fireball challenge medal
Fireball challenge medal
Fireball challenge medal
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Reward yourself for achieved fitness goals
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Fireball challenge questions

Of course you can! If you are not into running or can't do a fitness challenge because of medical issues then you can set yourself a non-fitness challenge. Whether you would like to read 10 books in one month or spend 10 minutes each morning meditating. The challenge is yours to set.

Easy, just email us or tag us on our social media using #fireballchallenge

Once you complete your challenge please email us to let us know and include your name or email which you used to buy the medal.

After you let us know that your challenge is complete, we will despatch your medal. It should arrive within a few days via Royal Mail 1st class. Please share your medal selfie with us on our social media using #fireballchallenge

Still have questions? Get in touch

Get your glow in the dark medal

Are you ready to set yourself a fitness challenge and feel the burn? Whether you want to lose weight or run your first 1km - the challenge is yours to set!

  1. Buy your fireball challenge medal
  2. Set any distance based challenge
  3. Tag us on our social media using #fireballchallenge
  4. Let us know when you complete your challenge
  5. Wait for your medal to arrive
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