Equipment - Cabling

Cabling is straightforward, the CCTV camera requiring only a 12v power supply and an output composite video feed

Cables for meteor camera


Your camera will require cabling for power and video as follows:

  • 75 ohm video cable to take the composite video output from the CCTV camera to the video decoder
  • 12v power cable to the camera
  • 12v power cable to the enclosure dew heater

The Video cable will require a BNC connector at the camera end and a phono connector at the decoder end. We have operated meteor monitoring cameras with video cables up to 10m in length without encountering problems with the video output but this will depend on your particular circumstances such as the model of CCTV camera and any local sources of electrical noise.

To minimise the number of cables, piggyback video and power in a single cable can be used for the video feed and camera power supply. However, switching of the dew heater can generate noise on the CCTV output and cause UFO detect to generate false video clips. We recommend that the enclosure dew heater uses its own separate cable.

Cabling into the enclosure

The weatherproofing of your enclosure will depend on effective seals. Enclosures provide a "gland" through which cables can pass and which provide an effective seal. This is perhaps stating the obvious but BNC video connectors can be large and may not pass through the gland. It may be necessary to fit connectors after cables have been passed through the gland.