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Custom made executable utilities for meteor camera operators to make life easier

KML Generator utility

KML Generator

KML generator produces a kml file from the CSV output of UFO Orbit which allows a 3D visualisation of trajectories of meteors using Google Earth. Visualisation is based on observations for one or more showers and can include observations for a selected year or all year. Meteors cannot be selected individually. Showers can be identified by colour coding. The user can select a colour for each stream or choose to colour code according to meteor velocity.


UFO Inspector utility

UFO Inspector

When proceeding meteor clips, the UKMON process requires SD values of 0.3 or less. The SD values for each clip are written to a log file (extension “.txt”) in the selected analyzer output directory, one txt file per clip. It is necessary to inspect the SD values to determine which clips fail to meet the SD criteria; there are various ways to do this including opening in notepad or with a utility such as WinGrep. However, these can be tedious. UFO inspector will scan all .txt log files in the selected directory (or directory tree) and will list the minimum and maximum SD values in each log file


CSV Merge utility

CSV Merge

Merge is a utility that allows UFO Analyzer output CSV files from multiple cameras and or days to be merged into a single file. UFO Orbit will accept multiple files but some utilities such as the UKMON reporting suite require a single file.

Merge reads csv files from a directory tree and outputs to a single file ensuring that only one header row is written to the merge file.