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Archive of UKMON presentations given by team members across the UK

Presentations from UKMON conference at NHM on 18 November 2017

State of the network

Richard Kacerek gave us an update on the state of UKMON network with interesting news on EDMOND

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Once upon a time

Anita Kapila from William Perkin C of E High School shows us how a new generation of scientists is inspired

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UFO Analyser automation

Steve Bosley from Hampsire Astronomical Group shows us ways to improve data quality and automate manual tasks

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Orbital Similarity

Peter Campbell-Burns shows us his work on orbital similarity or is it dissimilarity?

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NHM Work

Ashley King gave us insight into important scientific work done at Natural Hisotry Museum

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Fripon / Scamp

Jim Rowe tells us about a newly formed new UKMOM branch called SCAMP and told us how the new setup works

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UKMON and the future

Richard Kacerek shows us new plans and ideas for the UKMON network

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Sagas 2017

UKMON: Meteor Science

Richard Kacerek gave this talk at SAGAS Summer Convention (Clanfield Observatory - Hampshire Astornomical Group) on 15 July 2017

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