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What is this UKMON camera?

The UKMON camera kit is a modified version of Global Meteor Network hardware, ready for you to join UKMON the easiest way. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you to get up and running. This customised kit provides all you need. But you will have to order a few remaining parts due to global shortages and purchasing limits.

Please note this kit still requires a bit of technical knowledge, and it is not a plug and play system. We will try to help you as much as possible on the way, and you might want to join our forum for community support.

What is included

Detailed list of parts you will get as the part of our camera kit on the left. And parts you need to source yourself are on the right.

Current cost: £175 + £10 for postage


What we supply:

Preconfigured OS image ready to start and become part of UKMON.

  • Camera housing and Bracket, sealant added to front glass and screws
  • Camera mounting plate
  • IMX291 POE Camera, pre-configured for Meteor Detection
  • 4mm Camera Lens
  • Camera to POE cable
  • “No-tools” UKMON camera housing gland
  • UK PLug POE Injector
  • Raspberry Pi Active cooling all metal case
  • Micro-SD card pre-configured with GMN software and UKMON tools

What you need to get:

Parts not supplied, but required.

  • Raspberry Pi 4B. (2Gb is sufficient but will work with 4Gb or 8Gb versions)
  • Raspberry Pi PSU
  • 2 Ethernet cables, one short one (1 metre) and 1 to go from the location of the Pi to the camera location outside.
  • Wall fixings for the camera housing bracket
  • Good wifi signal required where the Raspberry Pi will be located.

Parts not supplied, but required for initial setup and troubleshooting.

  • Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable
  • HDMI Enabled screen / monitor / TV
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse

Before you order

UKMON camera build schema

UKMON camera kit

Get started with Dave's help


UKMON Camera Kit First Steps

Dave Jones takes a close look at what you get in the box when you order a UKMON detection camera and explains how everything fits together to start detecting meteors. All you need is a Raspberry Pi 4B and a power supply.

video #1

RMS meteor camera setup instructions - video #1 - hardware

Dave Jones from the UKMON team will explain what hardware you need to set up your meteor detection camera system using the Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

video #2

RMS meteor camera setup instructions - video #2 - hardware installation part 1

Dave Jones from the UKMON team will show you how to install your meteor detection camera into an enclosure.

video #3

RMS meteor camera setup instructions - video #3 - hardware installation part 2

Dave Jones from the UKMON team helps you get the newly installed camera onto a wall in a simple to follow guide. Dave also explains the tricky cables and how to install LAN cables without cutting them.

video #4

RMS meteor camera setup instructions - video #4 - cabling solution

Dave Jones from the UKMON team will save you headaches and explain the different cabling solutions for your camera. He even his invention to save you cutting cables!

video #5

RMS meteor camera setup instructions - video #5 - starting your raspberry pi

The time has finally come! Your camera is now ready to start detecting meteors, and Dave will show you the software part and how to become part of the United Kingdom Meteor Network.

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