UKMON Friends

List of UKMON friends, supporters and other meteor detection networks around the world

The International Meteor Organization (IMO)

Hampshire Astronomical Group

Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies (SAGAS)

Farnham Astronomical Society

Cardiff Astronomical Society

Newbury Astronomical Society

Exeter Observatory

Natural History Museum Mineral and planetary sciences

William Perkin C of E High School

Brazilian Meteor Observation Network

EXOSS Citizen Science

Base des Observateurs Amateurs de Météores (BOAM)

Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network (FRIPON)

Polish Fireball Network (PKIM)

American Meteor Society (AMS)

Italian Meteor and TLE Network (IMTN)

CAMS BeNeLux Network

Slovak Video Meteor Network (SVMN)

IMO Video Meteor Network (IMO VMN)

Hungarian Meteor Network (HMN)

Meteor detection network in Turkey led by Dr. Ozan ÜNSALAN

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